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As most of you know, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who, and as the series nears its 100th anniversary, now is a better time than ever to take a look back to those who have given their own take on the title role over the years!

5: Harvard Brumbleby, The 16th Doctor

When Brumbleby joined the show, it was in a dire state, the ratings and viewing figures had plummeted, and the BBC was just about ready to axe the show for good.
This all turned around when Harvard Brumbleby entered the fray, and really wowed the British public with his performance in his first appearance, in which he got his foot stuck in a watermelon.

4: Truro Daisy, The 19th Doctor
When most people are asked who they think the definitive 'Doctor Who' is, chances are most of them will respond with Truro Daisys iconic take on the role. The episode 'Terror under the Cup', in which Doctor Who struggled to remove a disgruntled hornet from the TARDIS is regarded as one of the high points of the franchise.

3: Neon Boy, The 29th Doctor
Casting a robot in the role of Doctor Who was one that was met with much controversy, but even longtime fans were enamored by his first adventure, where he struggled to climb a spiral staircase with his caterpillar track legs. His final appearance in which he was destroyed after a sensual Sontaran massage got out of hand is considered to be one of TV's finest moments.

2: Boone Pishnard, The 76th Doctor
Boone came during an exhausting period of the show, in which new Doctor Whos would enter and exit within the episode they're introduced in, with some episodes featuring upwards of 5 regeneration scenes. Boone Pishnards tenure as Doctor Who may have only lasted 18 minutes, but audiences everywhere were impressed when The 76th Doctor accidentally called Davros 'Mum', and had to regenerate purely out of embarrassment.

1: Dirge Sturgeon, The 37th Doctor
Every Doctor is unique, and really brings out the unique talents of the actors who play them. Sturgeons fresh new take on the role was met with overwhelming praise and adoration, and completely rejuvenated the Doctor Who fanbase, which had gone silent after fans became fatigued from a constant stream of Only Fools and Horses-esque episodes in which the Doctor Who attempted to peddle his line of bootleg Daleks.

From his first adventure in which he lands the TARDIS on the sun and helps a group of fire miners appease a phoenix, to his final outing where he was arrested by traffic cops for illegally reversing the odometer on his TARDIS, Dirges fantastic performance throughout his tenure is always fondly remembered by both new and old fans alike.
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